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Is our rendang vegetarian?

Yes. All of our meals are free from meat and seafood.

Are these meals safe for vegans?

Yes. Our products contain no animal products, including dairy and eggs.

Do these meals comply with a whole food plant based diet?

Plant based diets do not include processed foods like oil, flour and refined sugar. We use small amounts of coconut oil in our rendangs.

Tempeh is made with fermented soybeans, and is part of a plant based diet.


How does shipping work?

We utilize UPS domestic shipping for all of our rendang. Shipped items will occasionally spend an extra day in transit. Rest assured that our boxes are packed with enough dry ice to keep the contents frozen, and that tracking information will be updated to reflect any delays.

You are not required to sign for shipments.

Will my items stay frozen in transit?

Each box is packed with enough dry ice to keep content frozen, even in the event that your shipment spends an extra day in transit. Our team also modifies dry ice quantities according to seasonal or regional weather patterns. With that said, they are perishable, so it's important to get them into a freezer as soon as possible upon being delivered.

What happens if I’m not home when my box is delivered?

The delivery person will leave the package at their own discretion. We pack our boxes with enough dry ice to keep content frozen for several hours after delivery, but it's important to get them into a freezer as soon as possible to maintain freshness.

If the delivery person chooses not to leave the package without someone present, you will receive information regarding rescheduling your delivery. Tracking information will be updated accordingly.

What do I do with the dry ice?

Your dry ice should fully dissipate within 24 hours of delivery. After putting your items in the freezer, place the silver bag (with dry ice still inside) in a well-ventilated area until any remaining ice has disappeared. Be sure to keep the dry ice out of reach of children and animals, and don’t place it on any hard surfaces (like in a sink), as it can cause severe damage.

Once the ice has dissipated, you can recycle the box and silver bag. The denim liner that holds the dry ice is biodegradable and made from recycled denim — either toss it in the trash (yes, really!) or bring it to a fabric recycling facility.


As our products are perishable, all food sales are final.

We will gladly replace any item(s) in the unlikely event that they might be damaged or spoiled during transit. To make sure that you are satisfied with the product you receive, please inspect the contents as soon as your order arrives.

We are not responsible for damage or loss as a result of shipments being returned to the freight location or being undeliverable as a result of incorrect address information you supply to us, or for inability of a recipient to receive the package on the day you specify that it should be delivered.

We wish we could assure proper handling and prompt receipt of packages once they have been delivered to the correct mailing address by the third party carrier (UPS, FedEx or USPS), but this is out of our control. To enjoy the full flavor and freshness of our products, we urge you to make the necessary arrangements beforehand. If your order is returned to us because of an incorrect address provided by you, because of its perishability, we must dispose of the contents of the order and you will not be refunded.

If you wish for us to reship a new order, you will be charged 50% of the order cost plus the full cost of Shipping/Handling. Refunds for damaged goods can only be credited to the originating credit card.

For more information, please contact us here.